Warranty Information

The first step to ensuring your SweepEx® product is under warranty is registering it immediately after the sale.

SweepEx products are designed with few moving parts, so they require minimal maintenance and offer maximum reliability. Plus, they’re backed by an outstanding warranty program.

Dependability Backed By Warranty

At SweepEx, like all TrynEx lines, we stand behind the dependability of our products. SweepEx offers a 24-month limited warranty on rotary brooms and a 12-month limited warranty on all other products, parts included.

  • Replacement parts are warrantied for 30 days, unless within the warranty period. Whichever is greater, beginning at the time of original purchase.
  • Paint damage due to abrasion, scratches, or other finish damages are not warrantied.
  • Use of parts other than genuine SweepEx parts in repair or service of SweepEx products will result in the voiding of the SweepEx warranty.
  • Any unauthorized modifications will void the warranty.

If you are ready to make a warranty claim, please contact your local distributor.