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Durable, Efficient, and Effective Cleanup Equipment

Push & Rotary


SweepEx makes commercial project cleanup simple.

The VALUSWEEP, PRO, and MEGA mechanical push brooms mount onto forklifts and skid-steers for various sweeping needs. Our product lineup also includes gas powered walk-behind rotary brooms that come in three different sizes.

Effectively Cleanup:

  • Indoor debris (pallet strapping, paper, box fragments, or dust)
  • Landscape project materials (rocks, dirt, or mulch)
  • Construction project materials (drywall, concrete, or dirt)
  • Truck dock debris (nails, pallet materials, or trash)
  • Natural disaster debris mitigation
  • Recycled materials or trash pickup
  • Metal reclamation with optional magnet attachment
SweepEx® Brooms

Regardless of your application, SweepEx brooms are an economical and easy-to-use cleanup solution. Great for both indoor and outdoor use to keep properties groomed, cleanup construction sites, prevent falls, and ultimately keep your business safer with mechanical push brooms.